Brown Chocolate granite – warmth and colour

Brown Chocolate granite combined with pure white will bring to mind how warm and welcoming a cup of hot chocolate with cream can be. Are you thinking of using Brown Chocolate granite in your home, office or business renovation project?Here I’ll tell you about its features and its most suitable use. Of course it is […]

Forest Brown and Forest Green, the marbles that immerse you in nature

« Forest Brown » and « Forest Green »: here is the difference between two apparently similar but different marbles if you want to immerse yourself in nature. When « Forest Brown » and « Forest Green » marble are right for you If you are thinking of using natural marbles such as Forest in […]

Silver Wave marble and its features

Have you ever been fascinated by Silver Wave marble? Have you ever seen those black marble claddings with white veins, almost parallel straight and wavy lines that never seem to cross each other like the pages of an open book, so you wondered whether they were natural or laboratory – made claddings? Well, today I […]