L'eleganza del Marmo

Calacatta Gold Marble

Timeless beauty, warm elegance, classic charm - that is Calacatta Gold Marble.

It is part of Carrara marble that I have told you about extensively in this article https://missmarmi.com/en/carrara-marble-italian-quality-and-beauty/ .
It is quarried in the Apuan Alps on the border between Tuscany and Liguria.

It is one of the most refined and sought – after Carrara marbles in the world.

Its white colour with grey to gold veins makes it noble to the eye. Hence its name, which in Italian is Marmo Calacatta Oro and in the rest of the world Calacatta Gold marble.

Have you ever been to a palace or royal residence, maybe even on a school trip if visiting historical buildings is not your passion?

Well, I have, often, and I have always been fascinated by what many of these royal palaces refer to as the « Yellow Room », so called because of the widespread use of the colour yellow in the decorations, furnishings, ceilings and friezes covered in gold, lots of gold.

To the eye, these rooms make you feel the ostentation of luxury in an unbridled way. Precisely to emphasise the economic and social status of those people who stayed there, kings, dukes, princes, and so on.

Even in Putignano, home of Miss Marmi, although a small village compared to the large cities such as Turin, Vienna, London and Rome, the seats of the noble and royal families of the past, there is a historic palace that was once home to Prince Romanazzi Carducci with a « Yellow Room ». There is a picture below. Does it give you prestige at first sight?

Now try to imagine your living room with a Calacatta Gold marble floor … no, don’t imagine it yellow like the royal rooms, but imagine it white with these filaments that sometimes look like golden, bronze, greyish ears of corn.

They give luxury, elegance and prestige to the sight of your guest at first glance because this marble make a room luxurious and regal when it is combined with gold coloured accessories, furnishings, taps and fittings.

Although it is not a must, since today we use Calacatta Gold marble also in minimal and design environments, and in this second case, the traditional void of minimal environments is filled by the veins of this type of marble.

Using Calacatta Gold Carrara Marble, luxury, prestige and elegance will be what you convey with your project.

  • Imagine walking into a hotel lobby, a meeting room, everything extremely white with filaments of gold.
  • Imagine the Calacatta Gold marble cladding of the interior of a precious goods boutique such as a jewellery store, the gold suite par excellence.
  • Imagine welcoming your customers in this elegant environment that will give the impression of your success before your presentation.

Let us now look at the technical features of Calacatta Gold marble (in English) or Calacatta Oro more simply in Itali

Coming from the ancient quarries of Carrara Marble, it has been used in Roman churches for floors, wall coverings, altars and interior decoration, as well as for noble palaces, royal residences and more, since its discovery in the first century BC.

It is a natural stone and therefore it undergoes treatments to make it water – repellent and resistant to acid and liquid substances. Neutral products are recommended for cleaning. Occasional polishing is necessary.

This marble is in the form of a white slab with bronze – gold features tending towards grey.

Use of Calacatta Gold marble

Wherever you are going to use Calacatta Oro marble, if you can, combine it with bronze or gold – plated accessories, even just a small object… It is the ideal combination of Calacatta Gold Carrara marble.

Imagine a living room with an important fireplace either with an open flame or with a fake electric fire with a deceptive flame effect, and on the fireplace, positioned in the centre, a pendulum clock in gold or even bronze that recalls the filaments of the marble, or the copper fireplace accessories. And again, a corner sofa for evenings with friends in brown – hazelnut leather flanked by a bar corner in Calacatta Gold marble with a bronze ice bucket and crystal goblets with gold prints…

In short, what I am trying to explain to you is that the colour of the yellow gold filaments of Calacatta Gold marble will stand out their elegance even more by playing with the warm colours of copper, bronze and the burning flame of the fireplace, contrasting with the pure white colour of the marble.

A refined combination that you can reproduce also in the kitchen with wooden furniture, in contrast with the worktop in Calacatta Gold marble, but also in an ultra – modern environment where the filaments of gold will warm your sight and that of your guests.

Calacatta Gold marble, on one hand, takes on a scenic effect for the bedroom floor. On the other hand, I would recommend leaving the walls white with classical – style paintings and the bed flush with the floor in Japanese – style wood, maybe… This is an idea based on a bedroom made like this… but then you know that a good designer can help you to put everything together in the best possible way.

What about the bathroom? Here you can play with either a bathroom completely clad in Calacatta Gold marble from the floor, to the wall tiles, to the washbasin, to the shower tray with taps and fittings and accessories, in gold colour, or just the details such as the washbasin with the countertop or the shower tray, etc.

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If you want to experience what Calacatta Gold Marble conveys at first glance, call us or visit us and we will find out how to give prestige to your project.

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