Carrara marble – Italian quality and beauty

Do you know what Michelangelo said about the art of sculpture? That it was easier to take out than to put in.Removing the superfluous from the blocks of Carrara marble to free the work of art enclosed in it.It was in this perspective that he created his masterpieces such as the David or La Pietà. […]

Fuksas – How to use marble in a modern architecture that wants to be elegant.

Eccentric, eclectic, innovative, Massimiliano Fuksas is one of the modern architects whose architectural works are first created on canvas like a painting and then developed in technical drawing. For this reason his works are very innovative and modern because of his training in the 1960’s next to De Chirico with whom he collaborated at the […]

Renzo Piano and the use of stone and marble in his works

Italian architecture is a contemporary art that does not forget its traditions. Who better than Renzo Piano in his versatility has been able to take Italian architecture all over the world. His desire to experiment and his cultural knowledge has led him to work all over the world but with a continuous growth with the […]