Travertine – The stone of the Roman Empire

Do you want to make something that lasts over time, if not forever? Choose Travertine … The Romans had already realised this many centuries ago and they made great use of it to such an extent that Travertine is also called Roman Travertine, which made their works eternal. Do you want confirmation? Here are some […]

Apricena stone – Tradition and history of Apulia

What if I suggested a stone for your project instead of the usual marble, granite or quartz? No, don’t take me for a fool, if I suggest this it is because even a stone can acquire prestige in the right context to such an extent that it is often confused with a marble. Apricena stone, […]

Marquina Black Marble – From the salon to a wellness spa

I’ve already told you about the elegance of black to give prestige to your project, but doesn’t total black suit you? Then Marquina Black Marble might be for you. Why? Precisely because of its veins, which can tone down the total black colour. A black background with oblique white streaks which sometimes tend to pearl […]

Calacatta Gold Marble

Timeless beauty, warm elegance, classic charm – that is Calacatta Gold Marble. It is part of Carrara marble that I have told you about extensively in this article . It is quarried in the Apuan Alps on the border between Tuscany and Liguria. It is one of the most refined and sought – after […]

Carrara marble – Italian quality and beauty

Do you know what Michelangelo said about the art of sculpture? That it was easier to take out than to put in.Removing the superfluous from the blocks of Carrara marble to free the work of art enclosed in it.It was in this perspective that he created his masterpieces such as the David or La Pietà. […]

Lasa Covelano Macchia Vecchia white marble

Lasa Covelano Macchia Vecchia white marble is like a smooth, shiny sheet of heavenly whiteness, on which the tip of an ancient nib runs lightly, releasing strokes and smears of black ink. This is Lasa Covelano Macchia Vecchia white marble. How best to describe the ancient, pure, refined, essential elegance of this antique marble? Used […]

Brown Chocolate granite – warmth and colour

Brown Chocolate granite combined with pure white will bring to mind how warm and welcoming a cup of hot chocolate with cream can be. Are you thinking of using Brown Chocolate granite in your home, office or business renovation project?Here I’ll tell you about its features and its most suitable use. Of course it is […]

Silver Wave marble and its features

Have you ever been fascinated by Silver Wave marble? Have you ever seen those black marble claddings with white veins, almost parallel straight and wavy lines that never seem to cross each other like the pages of an open book, so you wondered whether they were natural or laboratory – made claddings? Well, today I […]

Why a bathroom in marble, stone and granite is more hygienic than tiles

Today something happened that made me think long and hard about a very important, delicate room found in every home: the bathroom. A customer of mine, who is renovating her apartment, asked me a few questions that I have probably never thought about before. Now, after a great deal of consideration, and having carefully observed […]