L'eleganza del Marmo

Absolute black Granite also known as Black Zimbabwe or Black Pretoria

If you love elegance, the refined qualities and the splendour of marble but not its veins, Zimbabwe absolute black Granite is for you! Absolute Black Granite, the name itself already describes it. It is a granite from Zimbabwe from which it takes its second name precisely Black Zimbabwe. It is one of the most widely […]

Porphyry – one of nature’s hardest and most resistant materials

Porphyry is such an ancient stone that we walk on while visiting historic places, not knowing how much value it can add to your home, pool, kitchen, business and so on. Have you ever been to Bologna? Have you ever noticed what you were walking on while visiting the historic city centre? I am referring […]

Brown Chocolate granite – warmth and colour

Brown Chocolate granite combined with pure white will bring to mind how warm and welcoming a cup of hot chocolate with cream can be. Are you thinking of using Brown Chocolate granite in your home, office or business renovation project?Here I’ll tell you about its features and its most suitable use. Of course it is […]

Forest Brown and Forest Green, the marbles that immerse you in nature

« Forest Brown » and « Forest Green »: here is the difference between two apparently similar but different marbles if you want to immerse yourself in nature. When « Forest Brown » and « Forest Green » marble are right for you If you are thinking of using natural marbles such as Forest in […]

Patagonia a natural crystal you fall in love with

PATAGONIA QUALITY AND CLASS MATERIAL Ever since I first saw it, I’ve been in love with this material… Do you know those loves at first sight that upset you and you wonder what it’s like possible? Today I’d like to tell you about this chemistry that was born between me and this precious material that […]

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2023 collection

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