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Yes, it is very true that marble absorbs, even if it is necessary to make distinctions at least between Marble, Stone and Granite that absorb in a different way…

For example, granite is a material that is already almost water-repellent; it is important to add that when there are absorptions such as coffee for example, you only need to wash it with water and soap and slowly the stain will disappear.

However, today there are several products that can be used to make marbles water-repellent and there are also several techniques that can be applied to restore marble as new.

Granite is not carcinogenic.

If you think granite is carcinogenic it is because you are not really well-informed.

In our nature there are many materials that have a natural radioactivity, especially those used in building.

RADON makes a material radioactive: it is a gas found in nature and which can therefore also be present in stones, marbles, granites, tuffs, etc.

Granite emits very low quantities of radon and surely it hurts less than smoking even a cigarette.

The costs of marble, and therefore of a stone in general, vary according to many factors.

There are very expensive materials considered precious and luxurious (this is often due to small quantities available) and there are more common materials that are much more affordable.

There are also many marbles, stones or granites that cost even less than good ceramic.

Why is their price so affordable?

Because, very often, there is a great availability of material in the quarry…

So this doesn’t preclude beauty, simply because it is a subjective factor that varies according to taste.

But if they asked me to choose between a ceramic and a marble or granite that I like and that has the same price, I would absolutely choose the latter.

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