L'eleganza del Marmo

Stefania Sabatelli

My name’s Stefania Sabatelli and I’m the director of Miss Marmi srl. That’s right, a female marble cutter.

When I began my career, it sounded strange, and it was even stranger to see a woman on a building site (apartments under construction, unfinished villas, home renovations…) working with the developer, architect and tiler, on choosing the materials to be used in each of the various sectors.

Let me just say that the idea of opening a marble business was the result of my passion for marble, stone, granite and the various synthetic materials which, with their natural veins and colours, enhance environments, making them warm, welcoming, relaxing places.

Nature truly offers us so much, and the materials we process at Miss Marmi srl stimulate my creativity. But more about that later…



Now I’d like to explain where the name “Miss Marmi srl” came from.

It’s a question I’m often asked by customers, and my reply is always the same.

How many times do we hear sayings like “as cold as marble”, “ah, marble cutters are the ones who make headstones”, “you’re thicker than marble” …?

Just like any saying, some of what people believe is true, and the rest is less so.

Have you ever gone into a cathedral or a basilicata? Or even stopped for a moment to look at the exterior of a fancy church?

My passion for marble has driven me to visit many, and I can assure you that the feeling of stupor that assails you as you gaze up at its interiors, that sensation of warmth you get when you enter its spaces, are due to the marble coverings, the granite columns covered in stone, the sculptures carved by hand in stone and marble, and even the simple baptismal fonts and altars, all in stone, marble or granite.

Marble is anything but “cold”. It is not only used to make headstones. And it is extremely resistant and durable.

Marble (and by that I also mean granite, stone and other similar materials,) is enveloping and warm like a woman’s embrace, it is strong and resistant as a woman (or a man) can be, and it is elegant like a woman…hence the name: “Miss Marmi”.

Marble is like a woman … A woman makes a house a home, brings elegance to its rooms and resists in the face of pain (I’m a mother and giving birth is no mean feat).

In a nutshell, I want to give you an idea of marble that at least gets close to my own perception of this wonderful material.



Although my company is very young, before venturing into this magical adventure, I first acquired a wealth of experience, learning from some of the most renowned, well-established local and international artisans, whose activity and productions expressed the passion I felt, and still feel.

In this way, I learned:

  • – to make “open vein” floors, by creating real natural designs inside homes, but also in wall installations,
  • – which material is the most suitable for each different project,
  • – which materials can be combined with one another, depending on the colour, to create inlays,
  • – which quality of material to procure to ensure durability,
  • – how to recognise good quality marble from bad;

In short, I did my homework.

My training was also enriched by my opportunities to work with prestigious architects, who taught me how certain valuable materials can be used not only to make apartments, hotels and villas look luxurious, but also feel warm and welcoming. For example, the effect created by combining marble with a simple spotlight can be all it takes to make a counter or wall into a true artistic masterpiece.

Miss Marmi is the elegance of marble

Miss Marmi is the key that gives me free access to create unique, unrepeatable products and allows my customer to host a little piece of nature, in the form of marble, in their home.

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