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Lasa Fantastico marble – from history to the present day

Well, Lasa Fantastico marble describes itself. No, it is not the sensational title of my article, it is the name of this marble.

How better to call Lasa Fantastico Marble, one of the finest, most popular and used in the world over the last two centuries, from sculptural art to contemporary architecture?

Lasa Fantastico marble was already known and used by the Romans, who used it for milestones along the Via Claudia Augusta, about two thousand years ago, which connected the Roman and Germanic worlds from the Po Valley across the Alps to the Danube. But it was not until around 1850 that the extraction rights were sold to a Munich stone – carver and the extraction and the use of this marble by sculptors of neoclassical architecture in Berlin, Munich and Vienna began.

Lasa Fantastico marble is used in many internationally renowned monuments because of its crystalline effect that gives sculptures their own life and because of its hardness and resistance to weather.

For example:

  • In Vienna there is a monument to the writer and playwright Franz Grillparzer;
  • In Munich there is a portrait of Richard Wagner, the great composer, poet, philosopher and conductor;
  • In Rome, Pope Pius IX’s tomb, whose pontificate was the longest in the history of the popes at 31 years and 7 months;
  • In London, the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace, a monumental work by the sculptor Brock using blocks of marble chosen for its features.

Today, however, we find Lasa Fantastico marble in the architecture of many churches, mosques, skyscrapers, underground stations, auditoriums, monumental entrances from Milan to New York to Dubay to Abu Dhabi and so on.

For example, Lasa Fantastico marble was used for the new Ground Zero underground station in New York: World Trade Center Transportation Hub.

Also in New York, it is used for the lobby of the actors’ union headquarters at 1560 Broadway Actors’ Equity Building at 156 West 46th Street.

Also for the floor, walls and steps of the new great hall at Milan’s Luigi Bocconi University.

Or in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi for Sheikh Zayid’s Grand Mosque.

Or for elegant Roman – Irish baths in Swiss luxury spas.

But let’s see why this marble is so Fantastic, so much so that the town where it originated and from which it takes its name, Lasa, has dedicated a festival to it at the end of August, with conferences, fairs and guided tours. But I have already told you about this event at length when I told you about Lasa Covelano white marble in Macchia Vecchia, you can find it here

Technical features of Lasa Fantastic Marble

Of Italian origin and provenance, specifically from Lasa, a village on the banks of the Adige River in Val Venosta, Lasa Fantastico  marble is a resistant, durable stone, weather – proof such as fog and mist. This is why it is used for claddings, floors and outdoor staircases or even for very busy and ‘walked on’ places.

Lasa Fantastico marble has a crystalline structure given by the mineral of which it is composed; this is why it has been used and appreciated for the creation of sculptures, but also to give light to dark and gloomy environments such as underground stations.

Uses of Lasa Fantastico marble.

As I mentioned earlier, Lasa Fantastico Marble is well suited to places that need to be illuminated to make them spacious and open to view.

It is excellent for the kitchen top or island with furniture either in total white or in combination with wood colours such as maple, ash, tanganyika walnut, oak.

Try to imagine the warm kitchen with a worktop or peninsula, table and floor in Lasa Fantastico marble and the doors, base units, shelves or the doors of your home in wood.

Imagine a living room with a floor on which geometric figures are recreated thanks to the « open book » of Lasa Fantastico Marble slabs.

The open books, in case you don’t know, are those veins that characterise marble, streaks that in Lasa Fantastico marble have a yellowish, silvery grey colour. By cutting the sheets all from the same block, you can play around creating geometric figures as in the picture below.

You can use this marble in a hotel lobby to give it prestige at first sight.

You can use it for the external cladding of a villa or building so that you don’t have to worry about rebuilding the façade after only a few years as is usually the case with the usual cladding materials.
You can use it in a bathroom, covering it entirely in Lasa Fantastico marble or use it only in the washbasin or shower tray or bath.

An indoor or outdoor swimming pool made of fantastic Lasa Marble is also elegant and impressive.

Would you like to see with your eyes Lasa Fantastico marble?

Contact us or visit us and discover why the great architects and sculptors were so fascinated by this marble that they chose it to make their creations immortal.

With Lasa Fantastico, it has to be said: A MARBLE IS FOREVER!

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