L'eleganza del Marmo

Marquina Black Marble – From the salon to a wellness spa

I’ve already told you about the elegance of black to give prestige to your project, but doesn’t total black suit you?

Then Marquina Black Marble might be for you.


Precisely because of its veins, which can tone down the total black colour.

A black background with oblique white streaks which sometimes tend to pearl – grey to greenish.

These veins make it a perfect match for the white Carrara marble I have already told you about here⇒

You certainly know Marquina Black Marble; you cannot fail to have seen it in buildings but also in the creation of real sculptures by modern artists.

To mention just one: Antonietta Raphael Mafai, an early 20th – century sculptor, with her sculpture the « Dying Bull »… but there are many artists who have appreciated the colour, veins and moldability of Marquina Black Marble

The features of Marquina Black Marble and its uses

Marquina Black Marble is extracted in the quarries of Marquina, a small town in the far north of Spain; it is an excellent marble for both cladding and interior and exterior flooring.

It is excellent for cladding entire bathrooms, but it is best used only for details such as the shower tray, or the washbasin or the ante – bathroom, and then give way to lighter marbles with which it is often combined, such as Carrara marble or Lasa Fantastico or Lasa Covelano (all marbles I have already told you about, but if you don’t remember, click on the name and read about their features or how to use them in your project).

Marquina Black Marble is often brought out in combination with white marbles, which are also prized…

In fact, imagine a room with a checkerboard floor; it may look a little eccentric, but it certainly acquires value at the sight.

Do you remember the fairy tale « Alice in Wonderland », when Alice plays chess on that big black and white floor?

I don’t know about you, but I like it too much and as a child I always wanted a full – size chessboard too.

But, apart from a chequered floor in Marquina Black Marble, how else can we use this marble?

If you are thinking of renovating your bar, your restaurant, but also your shop, remember that:

«Since the dawn of time, looks also count… and today much more than in the past».

The environment, whether it is homely, familiar or even more commercial, must make its guests feel cuddled, reassured and sure that they are in the right place. And how best to convey this feeling perhaps to a customer who is entering your business for the first time?

Simply with tidiness, cleanliness and the seriousness that furnishings with attention to detail can convey.

That’s why Miss Marmi works with architects and interior designers to best match its marbles with the furnishings.With Marquina Black Marble, we have carried out important projects ranging from meeting room floors, to large and important kitchen tops and coverings, to external villa coverings, important staircases, bar tops, bathrooms, tables and coffee tables, and so on.

If your dream is to cover your house, your swimming pool, your spa in Marquina Black Marble, or if you are working on an important project and need our collaboration to better adapt the customer’s dream to your project, do not hesitate to contact us, we will put our experience in marble processing at your disposal for a guaranteed success.

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