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Patagonia a natural crystal you fall in love with


Ever since I first saw it, I’ve been in love with this material…

Do you know those loves at first sight that upset you and you wonder what it’s like possible?

Today I’d like to tell you about this chemistry that was born between me and this precious material that I propose to my customers…and I will try to convey to you the essence of this product; the same essence that made me fall in love.

A product that can be combined with any material thanks to many shades present in itself, but which finds its maximum combination with the natural materials, also being natural.

A product associated with the world of luxury, of prestige and that can change the atmosphere of your house, even if it is only used in an environment that could be a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, a ladder.

Well, yes…today I would like to talk to you about this material that I particularly love, a natural stone classified among the granites.

At a glance, it’s not hard to recognize it, because of its very particular appearance… In fact it will be enough to see it only once and it will be easy to recognize it even if we use this material in different clothes such as kitchens, floorings, claddings or other.

The particularity that makes « Patagonia » (Patagonia is the name of this precious material) unique and recognizable is the structural aspect made by many crystals of completely different sizes… indeed there are both small and large crystals all in one slab.

A material with the colors of nature ranging from milk white that makes our environment looks like a snowy mountain, up to the colour of ice as if time had given birth to glaciers; from the sprinkling of the gold colour typical of this granite, up to grey to reach also black.

It’s really amazing what each of us sees when more slabs are cut and with book matches; for example, in this case, you recognize a face while on other occasions we have reviewed the form of some continents… well, we let our imagination roam freely because its appearance is really singular and unique.


Using this material for your bathroom is the best way if you want the sensation of being in a Spa, thanks both to its changing colours but especially to its surfaces. Well, yes, being translucent, this wonderful material allows the light to pass through it and create a surreal, almost magical and highly relaxing atmosphere. Think now about a backlit shower or bath… what a wonderful situation!!

This product is also unique from a structural point of view because every slab varies to another much more quickly than in other similar materials… each slab will be unique from the first to the last.

If you’re looking for originality for your home, « Patagonia » granite will create unique effects that you won’t find in other places; and I repeat that in your home you will have spaces with the same material that will always be unique and different.

Another feature of « Patagonia » is its high resistance to acids, like almost all granites, so I would recommend it for kitchen countertops, as well as for the bathrooms.

We all tend to believe that natural products are not very resistant and instead because of the crystal effect that characterizes « Patagonia », we can wash any surface with any detergent product and the effect will always be impeccable without any wear and tear over the years; moreover, from a hygienic point of view we will never have a problems with germs and bacteria.



It all started with a second love at first sight.

Very often, when we are in front of a Luxury House, together with the costumers and the architect, we move to Verona, where there is what is today the real Luxury Marble Industry in the world, that is Antolini of which I am a passionate fan and customer.

So our trip began between ideas to be actively worked on and projects to be carried out exactly as is normal…

But we hadn’t calculated anything…the second love at first sight that would have overwhelmed customers and architect.

In fact, during our visit to Antolini, that is the Luxury Marble Industry in the world, Cupid has shot his arrows among the customers, the architect and the « Patagonia ».

Nothing worse could happen… (if we can say so).

And yes… A project to completely upset…but it was worth it…

Set aside all previous ideas to give space to the King of crystals to be included in such an important Luxury House.

New photographic renderings, new materials to combine, new finishes to choose… we had to start all over again but with the expression on our faces and the awareness in our hearts that we had chosen what we really wanted.

Today I’m here to describe this adventure and to show you the first works that we have created and will soon become part of a living room, of a kitchen and a bathroom in our Luxury House.

As soon as we complete all the works, I will publish a new article where I will show you the finished works, but also what we could give of the our passion for natural stone.

Bye! Stefania

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