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Porphyry – one of nature’s hardest and most resistant materials

Porphyry is such an ancient stone that we walk on while visiting historic places, not knowing how much value it can add to your home, pool, kitchen, business and so on.

Have you ever been to Bologna? Have you ever noticed what you were walking on while visiting the historic city centre? I am referring to those small tiles whose sides does not measure more than 5 or 6 centimetres, of various shades, partly altered by the wear of time and by car tyres, often positioned in geometrical games or semicircles.

Probably, like me, you will answer: « Yes, the «sampietrini», so uncomfortable to walk on if you wear shoes with heels or slippery in case of rain or still noisy when passing with cars ».

And no, those are the cobblestones that cover the historic centre of Rome starting from St Peter’s Square. In 1725, the disused appearance of St Peter’s Square almost caused the carriage in which Pope Sixtus V was travelling to overturn. For this reason, the square was paved first (hence the name «sampietrini») and then the various streets of the historic centre, with these bricks measuring approximately 6 cm by 6 cm, made of Leucitite stone, a rock of volcanic origin typical of Lazio.

They are very similar but, in Porphyry, the « Bolognini ».

The « Bolognini » that characterise the ancient streets of Bologna (hence the name), on the other hand, are made of Porphyry.

Of course, seeing Porphyry, laid in this way in the streets of the city, leaves something to be desired, and it is difficult to believe how beautiful and precious is this stone, which originates from volcanic lava.

Porphyry thus loses its natural colours, its brilliance, its shades ranging from reddish to brown, grey and even green, but it preserves the consistency typical of Porphyry: resistance to heat, to frost and to atmospheric agents.

Technical features of Porphyry

Italian Porphyry comes mainly from the deposits in Trentino Alto Adige; it is therefore more commonly referred to as Trentino Porphyry.

Extracted in the Val Cembra quarries in Albiano, where you can visit the museum dedicated to it, it is one of the largest deposits in Italy but we find Porphyry in various Italian volcanic areas such as in Piedmont, Lazio, Tuscany and even the island of Elba.

Porphyry is a natural stone with great strength and hardness, which is why it is used for paving squares, courtyards and open spaces. It was once used, in thin layers, to waterproof the roofs of Trentino towns. Today it is used not only for floors, ventilated walls, cladding, but also in interior design and furnishing accessories.

Its colour is predominantly violet, in fact the name « Porphyry » from the Greek indicates the colour violet, but it can be found in various shades depending on the extraction, cut, stone, area, etc. It therefore ranges from purple, grey, rust red to green.

How and where to use Porphyry

But can I tell you a secret about the use of Porphyry in this century? In interior design, both at home and in commercial and leisure activities.

Miss Marmi made real Porphyry kitchen tops. Yes, that’s right. It is increasingly in demand among our customers. Thanks to new technologies with the use of pantographs, it is possible to obtain customised solutions based on drawings. This allows you to have a single kitchen top from a block of Porphyry into which the sink, for example, is hollowed and carved.

The resistance of this material to heat, cold and sudden temperature changes makes it possible to obtain an indestructible worktop.

Excellent for an indoor kitchen, for example, with its warm reddish – brown colour that gives familiarity and welcome. But it is even better for an outdoor kitchen such as a kitchenette or outdoor bar with a barbecue for evenings with friends by the pool.

Imagine days with friends next summer, with the blue of the swimming pool surrounded by Porphyry paving and then the barbecue area with its worktop and sink, covered in Porphyry.

At the end of the season you don’t have to worry about preserving it from the winter cold because it is well resistant to cold and frost.

I repeat, in order to be clearer about the features of Porphyry:

«you will not have to worry about protecting it from the cold of winter and the ever – increasing heat of summer».

You will find your outdoor kitchen top, your poolside, your piano bar and anything else you can create with Porphyry, ready to welcome you and to be admired by family and friends at your private parties or by your business customers, whether it be a hotel, a restaurant with an open kitchen or a pool, and so on.
If your dream is a durable and long – lasting worktop over the years, visit us and together we will make your dream of quality a reality.

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