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Silver Wave marble and its features

Have you ever been fascinated by Silver Wave marble? Have you ever seen those black marble claddings with white veins, almost parallel straight and wavy lines that never seem to cross each other like the pages of an open book, so you wondered whether they were natural or laboratory – made claddings?

Well, today I want to introduce you to this natural marble that looks like an open book placing on an elegant black bed.

Silver Wave marble.

Silver Wave marble is a material of undisputed elegance, pleasantness and refinement due to its particular veins that make it a noble material used in floorings and claddings with book matches with a polishing that makes it look like a mirror.

But what are the features of this marble and how can we recognise it?

Let’s start with its aesthetic appearance.

Extracted from the quarries of China and India, the main suppliers of Silver Wave marble, it is a natural material and it is processed according to the direction in order not to lose its geometric games. For this reason, it is extracted in large, wide slabs to maintain its almost parallel lines, that are dark grey, light grey, black and white with barely noticeable veins with yellowish glints.

Silver Wave marble is much used in furniture for cladding of bathrooms, walls and shower bases thanks to its hardness and strength. Being a natural stone, Silver Wave is first treated with water – and oil – repellent products that reduce the absorption of liquid substances without altering the natural aesthetic appearance of the marble by waterproofing and protecting it, thus simplifying its cleaning.

What is Silver Wave marble used for?

The dominance of the colour black with silvery grey streaks gives a natural and refined elegance to the environment in which it is used. This is why it is often chosen for wall and floor claddings.

The size of its slabs, with their natural design effects, is suitable for covering entire walls and floors in living areas and elegant meeting rooms that are already the calling card of an elegant and functional office and of a successful brand. The feature of its veins makes it suitable for floorings with book matches, that is the marble slabs are opened and placed like the pages of a book, playing with the mirrored symmetry of the natural veins of the slabs, creating rhombuses and geometric figures. By polishing, it acquires even more brightness.

Silver Wave marble is used for internal staircases, especially in prestigious villas and blocks of flats because of its black colour, which is synonymous with elegance at first sight.

It is used in relaxing spas and wellness centres where its dark colour, combined with the play of chromo – therapeutic lights typical of these environments and the roar of flowing water, is well suited to the relaxing atmosphere… the natural white wavy lines of Silver Wave marble recall the relaxing breaking of waves from the sea on the shoreline.

In private bathrooms, on the other hand, it is better to use Silver Wave marble if you have large and spacious bathrooms or to limit its use to simple inserts or small spaces, so as not to make a small bathroom too dark.

Some choose this marble to cover the kitchen worktop or for peninsulas or islands with integrated induction hobs that form a whole with the worktop or even for the sink, also made of Silver Wave marble. But, being a natural material, it could absorb despite the water repellent treatments; so, if necessary carry out frequent polishing treatments over the years. For this reason, I recommend Silver Wave marble more for elegant dining tables or living and meeting rooms.

Thanks to its resistance, it is used in the cladding of both open fireplaces, i.e. functional fireplaces for heating rooms, and electric fireplaces. These are increasingly popular among people who love the familiar warmth that a fireplace represents in the living area but who do not want to have the problems of soot, wood and cleaning that a real fireplace entails.

Silver Wave marble is also widely used in gifts goods or small interior design details such as sculptures, paperweights, coffee and living room tables, as well as head – board decorations etc.

Are you curious about Silver Wave and how to adapt it to your environments and your project? Call, contact or visit us and we will be glad to see this material for you and above all show you its elegance and refinement. You will fall in love with it at first sight.

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