L'eleganza del Marmo

Not only are stairs important in outdoor settings, they can also be the key architectural feature of a building.

How important is it to ensure that everything blends in with the environment and fulfils the requirements of the project, in terms of both the design and the customer’s practical needs?

From our standpoint it is extremely important, and this is why we never leave anything to chance when building stairs.

From the tread, to the riser and the cove base element, to the calculation of the right dimensions, the overhangs and the corners: all factors that determine whether a design is successful… 

And it is not necessarily only the type of material used that determines the success of a design. The material is nothing but the tip of an iceberg, concealing an underwater world that must be analysed, studied, evaluated, pondered and above all implemented.

We are here to help you in this important phase of the construction or renovation of any staircase.

When it comes to imaginative floors, the sky’s the limit…

The floor is one of those elements of an environment that can fully transform its aesthetic and its architectural style. In fact almost anything you imagine can very probably be done …if you ask the right people.

Floors can be created by either meticulously following designs developed by architects and designers, following the customer’s ideas, so creating an effect based on their taste and the materials they choose, or simply by following the colours of nature, and creating the open vein effects offered by the natural characteristics of the materials.

A combination of possibilities that we can help you develop to suit your design and your taste, making you feel satisfied and unique.

Home is where the hearth is…

The fireplace of any home takes us back in time, to when happiness was a lively family discussion, laughter with friends, a place where you felt protected and warmed by that magical crackling noise made by the logs and twigs.

Today the fireplace still conjures up images of wellness and relaxation, inspired precisely by the memories it awakens when we imagine it lit.

Recognising the importance of this corner of the living area by decorating it is an essential step in making it unique and personal.

In fact, its importance, uniqueness and customisation are all qualities determined by how it is designed and crafted…this is why we offer you an A to Z service, helping you create a design that will bring your idea to life.

We style your house.

The covering of a beautiful villa, apartment building, or in fact any kind of building is one of the elements sure to turn heads when your eye is magnetically drawn to its grace and charm …

Everyone is free to dress as they like, in line with their own tastes or the latest trends, but one thing is certain: the elegance of any outfit is only perceivable if styled to complement the wearer’s personality.

Elegance can be achieved by merely draping a simple fabric around the silhouette. On the other hand, it is just as easy not to look elegant when wearing the most exclusive outfit in the world, if it’s not your style.

When choosing how to style your house, our task will be to help you render it elegant, by focusing on every detail, and making all the tiniest adjustments required to ensure that the end result instantly strikes those who see it, making them instantly fall in love.

The talking point of every kitchen, from all perspectives, is its worktop. 

Every top must feature a series of characteristics that other elements of the kitchen do not necessarily require.

It must look good, because visually speaking, it is too important a detail to disregard… 

It must be practical, so that it helps you carry out all your tasks easily and quickly.

It must also be strong and sturdy, capable of standing the test of time.

Based on these points, today we can help you choose the right colour or effect to make your worktop attractive and elegant, the right kind of material to make it easy and practical to use, and the right products to guarantee its durability and integrity as the years go by.

So, when it comes to kitchen worktops, here too we offer a full service, from the measuring stage to installation.

Today we are in a position to create a wide range of design accessories, courtesy of our partnerships with design and architecture companies, the variety of equipment in our workshops and the immense possibility to choose from many different kinds of materials.

From lamps, to coffee tables, occasional tables, sculptures and anything else you want to create that might add a sense of innovation and design to your home.

Your design can be mass produced, perhaps developed with our partner companies and technical firms, or unique and personalised, if you want to develop your own idea in a private residential setting.

Never think that what you would like is impossible to make. Usually this is all in your mind, and if it can be done you can be sure we’ll do it for you.

Your garden can be anything you want it to be: your fashion accessory, or even your haven of relaxation. Or both.

And the easiest way to give it the right mood is to add accessories that bring it alive.

Vases and flower pots are the simplest, quickest ones you can use to transform it most effectively, but they’re not the only options…

  • Decorative stones, with different patterns, textures and inlay effects
  • Benches and stools
  • Chaise-longues
  • Small tables
  • Dining tables
  • Fountains 
  • Ponds

Everything you could wish for, that will last forever and make that corner of paradise you can’t do without into your own, exclusive oasis.

Your personal spa

Imagine plunging into a relaxing spa-like environment every day even when just grabbing a quick toning shower in the morning, or soaking in a relaxing one in the evening…

Bathroom decor is a lifestyle, the right way to start the day, a well-deserved reward after a hard day’s work.

Close attention to detail in the form of the perfect accessories and coverings is a crucial step to creating your own personal spa.

  • The shower area
  • The washbasin 
  • The bathroom countertop
  • The covering
  • The floor
  • Small accessories (towel rail, toilet roll holder, jars for cosmetics and bodycare products etc.)

Every detail highlights it uniqueness and spa-like atmosphere.

Construction is ACTION. Nothing else…

Our concept of construction starts with efficiency… no building site can afford to get caught up in technical loopholes or disorganisation. Everything must flow smoothly and effectively, in line with the schedules set and in harmony with the companies working there.

Our proposal is clear, and it is addressed to those who consider their trade a profession.

Prompt delivery times, commitment during site inspections, clear instructions and orders are the foundations on which we lay our works in the building sector.

No geographical restrictions, no problems regarding export operations, no limits to our action.

If it were any other way, we could never supply customers in complicated countries such as the Middle East, to where 50% of our production volumes for the construction sector are currently destined. 


Sacred monuments, whether simple headstones, tombs, or family chapels, always serve to evoke memories and sentiments about those we have loved and will continue loving forever. 

The main purpose of creating them must always be to awaken that love, and our memories of the loved one, simply by looking at the photo on the monument.

The choice of colour, the specific kind of material and the design style must all embody the image of our loved one that we hold in our heart and want to convey.

Associating these elements with their physical image enables us to remember them more clearly and consciously than we would otherwise have done.

Here, it’s never only a question of product, price or materials…. it’s much more than that.

For us it’s the challenge of representing a loved one in a way that will last forever.

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